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At last! The safer firewood splitter you have been waiting for!
The Woodwiz« Splitter is a patented, 100% USA made, sturdy, easy to use hand-operated wood splitter made for everyone. Young and old, men and women, healthy and disabled - all have benefited from this effective invention.

NEW! The Woodwiz« has a patented no-bounce-out feature! Now you can split any wood regardless of hardness or sap content. Plus- a stronger zinc plated steel Handle, rubber Grip and improved internal shock-absorbing mechanism!


I just ordered a new Woodwiz Splitter yesterday and wanted to let you know a little history about my original one.
Alas, after nearly 20 years of faithful service to my father and myself I am sad to say that it died of a fractured handle.  It was purchased by my mother in 1994 for my father as a Christmas present when he had to give up the "wedge & sledge" splitting method due to a shoulder injury. Subsequently I inherited it and have found it to be a precision instrument, having used it to split many cords of wood during its 7-year lifetime with me.  Over the years I have proudly demonstrated its usage to a number of people and highly recommend it.
I've been told that the new splitter has some improvements over my deceased one and am looking forward to putting it through its paces!
Eric B., East Hampton, NY
December 26, 2013


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