What is it?
The Woodwiz® Splitter is a self contained, hand-held firewood splitter. It is safer than an ax or maul because there is no swinging or missing the mark. It can be used indoors.
Why is it better?
The control and safety inherent in the design of this tool is the key to the success of every
Woodwiz® Splitter. This compact tool achieves the means to do what axes, mauls, wedges and sledges provide without the danger they impose.
How does it work?
The Woodwiz® Splitter works like a wedge and sledge hammer together. Place the tip on a log and throw down the hammer while holding the grip with your other hand. The bulk of the force goes into the tip because of the patented spring mechanism. Its that easy!
What size logs does it split?
Any size that can be split using a conventional wedge and sledge hammer. The advantage of the Woodwiz® Splitter is that you can place it carefully in a seasoning crack where the wood is weakest. Our users recommend taking smaller pieces off the sides of very large logs, thereby allowing the Woodwiz® Splitter to split any size wood.
Will it bounce out of tough wood?
A patented surface of directional grooves is applied to the faces of the splitting wedge. This insures that there will never be any recoil.
How much does it weigh?
Total of 12 pounds. Four lb. weight, 4 lb. hammer, and 4 lb. handle.
Does it split knots?
Yes. By placing the tip in a seasoning crack, the wood will give naturally.
What if I get stuck?
No problem, just keep on driving it through until in comes out the other side. The hammer always hits its mark and needs no more room than the tip uses.
How many whacks does it take to split?
Varies with the type and condition of the wood and how hard you choose to throw the hammer down. Green and spongy wood is always trouble, but dry oak, ash, maple and most hardwoods will give after two or three strokes.
I have back trouble and can't normally split wood. Can I use this instead?
If you can throw the hammer down while holding the grip with the other hand, you can split using the Woodwiz® Splitter. We have a friend who splits logs in a bucket. He sits down while doing it and the pieces stay right in there until he uses them up in the wood stove!
I am strong and healthy. Why would I use this tool instead of my maul?
You can split under a roof! Woodwiz® Splitter requires zero headroom. Perhaps you don't feel like splitting all your wood before winter? Split next to your stove as needed- works best when you have a concrete slab to absorb the impact. Also, you don't have to chase after the split pieces. When the split is nearly made, ease up and leave it still attached. You can do this for the whole log and make a neat bundle!
If I don't like this splitter, can I get my money back?
Yes. We honor a ten day money back satisfaction guarantee. However, no refunds on shipping!



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