"The splitter was delivered to my house last Friday. I have used it several times since then and I think the design is WONDERFUL. I am very glad that I ordered the Woodwiz as I had bookmarked your website on my computer and have been considering it for a long time.
Thank you for making a hard job. . . . .easier!
Andrea LeBeau- Lombard, Illinois

"My brother-in-law has one. My husband was dazzled!! So this is a Christmas gift. I found your site on the internet easily --by doing a search on wood splitter and I remembered what yours looked like so I could find it!!
Yvonne Lynch- Midland, MI

"Although I was skeptical of your claims, I ordered the Woodwiz® Splitter because it looked like such a great innovation. I just received my splitter yesterday and I must say, I am astounded at how well it works. However, I believe you have undersold yourself - many of my large pieces did NOT have natural cracks. It did not matter - the splitter made its own crack and went right through even the biggest pieces of firewood. I will be spreading the news about this incredible tool to my family and friends. I am 110% satisfied!!
Great job!"
Mark McCall- Weston,CT

I wanted to thank you for such a great product. I also read the testimonials and was still a little skeptical but ordered one anyway. I just put in a woodburning fireplace and have never cut firewood until last week. I am female and will be 59 soon. Using an axe was hard work and I couldn't hit the same place twice. I was also concerned about missing and hurting myself. The WoodWiz arrived this afternoon. I live on the Gulf Coast and the heat index was 111 but I couldn't wait to try it. I was able to split several pieces of wood with very little effort. It was actually fun and I look forward to using it often. Once again thank you for making a difficult chore easier.
Elaine Ward Mobile, Alabama

I did a web search for wood splitters, because I have some very hard elm that my maul just bounces off of.  I was skeptical when I first saw your web page, but a couple of the testimonials mentioned hard woods so I thought I would give it a try.  I sure hope it works, because I've already spent quite a lot on mauls, axes and wedges. I should have just given the wood away and bought some nice soft fir.
Germaine Wymenga #1- Victoria, BC

I received my Woodwiz on Friday and tried it right away. It works exactly like I expected it to, which is much better performance than I usually get when I buy something. It still requires some effort on my part, especially since the wood I am splitting is so hard, but if I wanted to split the wood with zero effort, I would have bought a hydraulic splitter. So far I am very pleased with the splitter's performance. I'll be sure to let you know if I have any problems.
Thank you for your continued customer support. You run a good company.
Germaine Wymenga #2- Victoria, BC

Just received the wood splitter, man that was fast! Of course, the first thing I did was grab a chunk of wood and give it a go. COOL!
When my kids got home, I helped them split some wood. With a bit of help (and keeping them safe), 7 & 8 year-old boys have no problem splitting some well-seasoned ash.
Nice product, I'll be recommending it to my friends!
David Yates- West Chester, OH

"Thanks a lot. In my humble opinion, your product is one of the greatest
inventions known to mankind, or the lucky ones anyway."
Doug Gibson- Arlington, VA

"I actually got wind of this from a coworker who was loaning it to a friend. He was on the elevator and I asked him where he got it.  I got it yesterday and tried it out today and LOVE IT!  No more breaking my back with a maul and splitter.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to escape backbreaking work.  Thanks for a great product!!"
B. Callahan- Dale City, VA

"... thank you for your assistance -- I know if we had needed any additional help you were as close as an email. Your service matches your product -- GREAT !!!  It's so nice to know our investment in our splitters are for the long haul -- that repair is as easy as possible -- and the splitters keep right on going. Thanks again for your prompt assistance !!!"
S. Schaus- Capon Springs, WV

"Yesterday I received my splitter. Speedy service, thanks. It just so happened that I had a friend here moving some pine trees for me and also had him cut down a few oak and elm. ...I threw down a piece of plywood and grabbed a pretty large piece of oak. I figured I might as well give it a little test right away. I threw the weight four times and the wood was split neatly right down the middle. Today I made a big pile of kindling wood, hauled freshly cut oak and elm and split that too. It works by golly, just like you said. It is so much easier than swinging an axe or any other splitting device. If it holds up, which I'm sure it will, I think I'm set. Thanks for a great product. By the way we heat a 2800 square foot house with off-peak slab heat and wood so it's not as if I'm doing this just to have a little fire for the ambiance. Right now I have about 11 cords stacked and some still needs to be split. I'm actually looking forward to it."
Terrance L. Birkeland- Bemidji, MN -On the Mississippi River headwaters

"Your Woodwiz® Splitter is fun to use. I especially like the control that I feel when splitting wood with your splitter. Before using your splitter I was in constant fear of getting hurt i.e. chopping into my foot or leg. With your splitter even my 6 year old daughter can help me. Before, I would always have to make sure that she was in the house when splitting wood. I like that you can split the wood with 3 or 4 smacks of the sliding weight or you can just let lift the weight up and let it drop onto the splitting tip like daughter does when she helps me. You can encourage your children to help out and feel that they are making a contribution to the family which is good for them. I also appreciate your prompt response to my e-mail. ...Giving me pointers on how to use the tool is very much appreciated. You know that I will be telling all of my wood burning friends out here in Oregon how great your tool and company is. Thank you very much for all your help."
Craig Ralston- Eugene, OR

"We borrowed the Woodwiz® from a friend and could not believe how handy and easy it was to use to split wood! We would like one for ourselves. Please forward all info on how to obtain one. Please include the price as we would like to order it immediately. Your immediate reply in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,"
Torres- Raynham, MA

"I received a Woodwiz® Splitter last week as a birthday gift and, already, I can't imagine how I got along without it for the last 17 years. I'm currently using it daily inside my woodshed. In just a couple of minutes I can split the next day's wood without worrying about pieces flying all over the place, etc. Next summer my wife and I plan to use it outside at the wood pile where we'll be able to split at least twice as fast since she will use the Woodwiz® while I go back to the old splitting maul. In the past, my wife was unable to help because the maul was too heavy for her to use. Now I'm betting she'll split more than I will. Thanks for a great product."
Michael Abbott- Atlantic Mine, MI

"My tests confirmed that the device worked as advertised. I was easily able to make smaller splits out of firewood that had been too large to fit into my stove. I even tried it on a larger log (14") and was able to split it into pieces by going around the outside and splitting it with the grain. It won't replace a 10 ton hydraulic gas-powered splitter, but for re-splitting, making kindling and other tasks usually done with a maul or wedge it serves the purpose well."
News from the Hearth - Jan, 2001- Hearth.com

"We have had our Easy Motion Woodwiz® Splitter since 1986. We received it as a house warming gift. My husband has used it every year and he repaired it one time, so it kept on working. Reality set in 2 weeks ago when my husband got hurt and his hand is in a cast. I panicked, because we need kindling to start the wood furnace and I depend on him doing all of this. I spied the wood splitter and decided I could do kindling. It worked and I am pleased that this item is still available. I am sure other women are in the same situation and this is the solution."
Saundra Lasky- Conlkin, NY

"Thank you for sending me my second Woodwiz® I bought the first one just after my return from a mission trip to Romania. I visited with many orphaned children - many of them are living in shelters and orphanages with little adult supervision and doing the adult share of the work. Their buildings are all heated with wood they bring down out of the mountain forests. Of course it has to be cut and split - the sight of those children handling heavy and dangerous splitting equipment! You can understand why I was so excited to see a Woodwiz® for the first time. After I tried it out a few times to make sure it really worked - I sent it on to an orphanage in Romania! At least now I know they can split their wood in safety! Thank you! I've already been using my SECOND splitter here in southern Wisconsin to get ready for the heating season coming up - and my 4 year old is helping me! God Bless you!"
Carol Dale - East Troy, Wisconsin

"I've got a seeing eye dog - I couldn't see the color of my shirt! You can be more accurate. I do my kindling with the Woodwiz® I'll just take a log and make 20-25 pieces. I saw logs myself and sometimes they are not quite straight. I put them in a bucket and when you use the Woodwiz® everything stays where it is supposed to. If you had a contest, your splitter would win because you can lift that hammer faster than a guy can swing a maul back!
Rodney Christensen- Chewalah, WA

"I've been using the Woodwiz® Splitter since we received it on Tuesday and am very pleased that I can now split wood. The Woodwiz is great".
Patty Peltekos WI

"Your wood splitter is terrific! I am giving them as Christmas presents to other members of the family. Great invention!"
Joan and Richard Jensen- Canton, MA

"What I had expected to be a monumental task for me me to split our wood, proved to be much easier and faster than I thought with the help of your Woodwiz® Splitter ."
Gloria Thompson- Binghamton, NY

"I particularly like to use this splitter on the wood I have drying in the basement. I am impressed with engineering/ mechanical concepts of this splitter."
Donald Beattie- Frmr. President Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY

"I am a paraplegic, and burn wood for the major portion of my heat. It is essential that I am able to split my own wood. This splitter is the safest way for me to do it. Now I even enjoy making kindling! This tool is invaluable to disabled people."
Donald Gotschall- Choconut, PA

"This wood splitter has been great for my husband who had a stroke seven years ago, and had not been able to split wood until we discovered your product!"
Mrs Jean Schrade- Duanesburg, NY

"Your Woodwiz® Splitter is far safer than the wedge and sledge hammer method. I feel very comfortable letting my own son use it, and because it does not require great strength, my wife also uses it."
E. Kraus- Computer Specialist, Binghamton, NY

"Your Woodwiz® Splitter looks like if it makes it through one year, it will make it for at least a hundred years or until a bull-dozer runs over it. As an engineer and one has to split Bay tree rounds that refuse to develop seasoning cracks, even after three or more years, and that seem to delight in capturing my wedges (yes, plural), I am musing why I didn't have the good sense to design a tool like yours. ...my view is that for  any man over thirty who has an office job and is faced with a Bay tree round without seasoning cracks, the Woodwiz® is the difference between having a fire or discarding the round with a wedge or two in it!"
Paul Kingsley, M. D.- Ross, CA

"It did take a little getting used to, but it works like magic. ...at first the price seemed high but after using the Woodwiz® Splitter for a while I concentrate on what it can do and less on the cost. Bye the way, you said you shipped it Friday via UPS. I received it the following Wednesday, which seems like excellent time considering it came from NY to Utah. Thanks for your help. I have enjoyed our chit chat and must admit that I am surprised and thankful that you always take the time to respond to my comments."
Jack Gocha- UT

"...It does the job very well. My husband gave his approval, because he was able to split a log with your splitter that an ax would not dent. Thanks for a fine idea, made real."
M. Proctor

"... It is great. My wife has already split a few with it and pronounced it to be very user friendly! Every one I show it to says the same thing --- "Why didn't I think of that!"
Carl Krupp, Publisher: Self Reliant Living Magazine- Wolf Creek, Oregon

"The man who supplies me with my winter wood brought me huge chunks this year. They actually smother the fire they are so big. I've been very upset with the whole situation. I received the wood splitter yesterday and am now enjoying my fireplace again. It's simplicity and ease of use are a wonder.  Thanks!"
Joan Autilio

"I received my Woodwiz® Splitter promptly before Christmas. Thank you. After leisurely splitting wood for seven hours with a lunch time break, I was a little sore the next day. Being out of shape, however, I am greatly impressed by how much wood I was able to split at a leisurely pace: about a quarter of a cord of green wood into a month's worth of thin starter pieces! I would never have been able to do that without the Woodwiz® Splitter. I recommend it highly and will order one for myself shortly."
Stan Faryna- Fairfax, VA

"Your Woodwiz® Splitter is a great device. Not only is it utilitarian but it provides good non-impact aerobic exercise in the process. ... The beauty of the device is that it is not hard on tennis elbows or creaky shoulders."
Willie Jay

"Congratulations on designing such a great product. I recommend the Woodwiz® Splitter whenever I get the opportunity to friends and family. I wish you much success in your future."
Mrs. John P. Willis

"It's great, though not quite as easy as it looks from the web page. Even so, it's much better for my back than whacking with an axe. Thanks again, it's a great product!
Sequoia Schroeder- North Hills, CA

"Wow! Thanks so much. I never thought I'd be able to split wood by myself. Another great step toward self-sufficiency! I'm actually having fun splitting wood. Thanks!"
Bea S.- Endicott, NY




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