HG Thor Epoxy Fretless Variations on Fretlines:

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Defretted rosewood board with maple inlay. Epoxy accentuates grain color and contrast:
Defretted rosewood


Darker rosewood example:
Dark rosewood


















Poorly defretted and filled fretboards can be reworked. This example is wenge:
Fretline Repair










Defretted maple board (with black inlay e.g.) and a subtle amber stain.
78 maple neck


Most woods can be stained to a darker shade. Colors available.
Stained Black
















Frets and dot markers can be removed and the entire fingerboard blackened.Carvin 5 String all black













Ebony can allow more choices for tinting maple fretlines.
Ebony w/ tinted maple fretline











An overall walnut stain on rosewood w/ maple inlay will provide a subtle fretline:
rosewood dark


Side indicators on binding as an extension of the fretline ensure precise intonation:


White side indicators on dark unlined fingerboard:


Example of inlay. This in MOP. Designed by the owner and inlaid on a Carvin neck-thru:


Classic Thick Coat (CTC). Epoxy thickness of approx. 3mm or 1/8":


Removal of finish back of neck:


Massive Warwick Thumb 6-string 24 fret factory originally UNLINED fretless.
Fretlines were installed and an epoxy coating applied.
Fretline install available for 34" or 30" scales, inlcuding neck-through.
Warwick 6


Modulus Graphite 6 string neck through.
Bulging factory fretlines necessitated leveling. The factory fretlines were painted in subtle brown with the upper ends left white for reference.

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