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  • Fender Jazz bass played by
    Thomas Tallchief
    of Oklahoma, U.S.A.: Soundchaser

    "I use Rotosound RS66LD strings, Seymour Duncan STK-J1 pickups, Fender American Deluxe Lite bass tuners, Twin Fender BXR 300C bass amplifiers in stereo, one tuned for lows, the other mids and highs. My recording setup is simple, a Peavey PV10 sound board plugged straight into a 16 bit Creative SB live sound card."

  • Re-radiused and HG Thor Epoxied Fender '62 Jaco Reissue
    played by Xavier Padilla of Paris, France: Fast playing.mp3

    "This was improvised around Sony Rollins's Saint Thomas calipso tune. I used only the bridge pickup, all the way open and the tone control 2 thirds open. Strings Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Bass roundwound (.43-.89), not new. Recorded to the hard disc of my Mac through a Yamaha SW1000XG sound card linked to Logic Audio. Added reverb. No overdubs."

  • Re-radiused and HG Thor Epoxied Fender '62 Jaco Reissue played by Xavier Padilla of Paris, France: Legato&lyrical.mp3

    "Thomastik-Infeld Jazz (.43-.89). As played with the meat of the fretting finger and right hand plucking on the fretboard, bridge pkup full, neck half and tone at 3."

  • Randy Tougas playing his HG Thor epoxied 2006 Fender USA "Jaco" sig bass. Tougas.mp3
    Tougas Jaco  "Fender Jazz bass bridge pickup on full--- neck pickup on about one and tone control set to about two or three (depending on the room) and strung with Rotosound 66 Swing Bass Strings 45-105. I use an Eden WT405 bass amp with the EQ set flat. My speakers include an Epifani UL-112 and an AccuGroove TRi112L. Because this bass is so expressive, tonal variances are achieved by right hand placement alone rather than messing with knobs, controls and various doodads.... Now how cool is that? This is the only bass I use on gigs whether it's rock, R&B, blues, or jazz."

  • Ibanez SR 500 fretted full HGT conversion played by Michael DeAngelo : excerpts from an arrangement of Portrait of Tracy: MDeangeloPOT.mp3

    "I usually keep the balance at 95% bridge pickup and 5% neck pickup. I have an active Bartolini 3-band EQ that I keep at 100% bass, 100% mid and 0% treble. The result is a mid-oriented sound that is warm and bassy. I use DR Sunbeam strings (.045-.100) with extremely low action. The bass was recorded direct into a Mac mini into GarageBand with no external preamps or interfaces. The drums were recorded in a studio using Pro Tools. The only thing added via software was reverb and a slight bit of compression that helps the harmonics speak out a little bit."

  • Lakland 5 String Daryl Jones Hybrid played by
    Robin Abeles of New Mexico: "La Jornada".mp3

    "I recorded this track on a Fretless Lakland 5 String Daryl Jones Hybrid Bass Epoxied by the Guitar Lab with Elixir Nano-web strings, directly into a first generation Mbox. I used a combination of fingerstyle and pick playing and utilized a lot of octaves to get a larger ensemble feel. In the mix we added some reverb to put the bass in it's own space and Joaquin always requested that the bass be low in the mix so that the guitar be the main voice, so I focused a lot on lower register playing in order to get out of the way of the guitar while trying to play percussively to bring out the Rhumba feel and the melody at the same time, all in the supportive spirit of the great master Carles Benavnet."

  • Warmoth Jazz style played by David Goldstein with Fringe City:
    excerpt from "Only": Only.mp3

    "Joe Harmon (the singer/guitarist) wrote this song and it's performed by Fringe City. The bass setup is as follows:
    -Warmoth jazz bass copy with epoxied ebony neck.
    -Dean Markley Fretmaster strings (medium gauge -Bridge pickup at full, neck pickup at half
    -Miked amp which was a Fender 2x10 combo, set flat except for 1/2 treble and bass boost

    Recording info: Signal went to Logic Express using an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB interface. There is a mild compression on the bass, the settings are:
    Attack: 68.0ms
    Release: 350.0ms
    Compressor Threshold: -11.5db (limiter @ 0.0db)
    Ratio: 2.9:1
    Knee: 0.8"

  • Hofner 60's semi hollow bass with CTC epoxy coating as played by Ron Hilger of Limited Edition Big Band
    "I was playing through an Avalon Vt-737SP preamp.
    I run this little touch of paradise into a JBL PRX512M.

  • Fender HGT Jaco 62 Reissue MIJ with an Audere JZ3 as played by David Heath of the UK: C Minor.mp3  (662k)

  • Dearmond Starfire Bass defretted and epoxied owned and played by Mike Masuda
    "H G Thor Labs did the epoxy fingerboard treatment a few years ago, and now has the Q-tuner pickups. I threw together a quick video capture of the bass and its tone. Again, thank you for making this dream bass a possibility for me! It was all improvised on the spot with very little rehearsal, so forgive the missed notes here and there. Mike Masuda. YouTube video

  • Converted and HGT epoxied 60's Fender Jazz bass, rosewood, EMG's, 45-105 roundwounds, thru Behringer Vamp II direct as played by yours truly: HG60F.mp3 (413k)

  • Converted and HGT Epoxied Fender Jazz style w/ rosewood fretboard recorded direct to board with bridge pickup, tone control about halfway, GHS 45-100 roundwounds (close action)as played by Marc "Tiny" Rando: Tman.mp3 (407k)

  • Fender Jazz factory fretless w/ HGT Epoxied rosewood fretboard recorded by John Ross of California: JRoss.mp3 (407k)

  • Converted and HGT Epoxied Custom neck on a Jazz style body, GHS 45-100 roundwounds (close action), thru a Countryman DI with a little compression as played by Marc "Tiny" Rando: Lemuria.mp3 (1.1M)

  • Epiphone Casino guitar, converted and HGThor Epoxied; thru Behringer Vamp II w/ Marshall JCM 800 setting as played by yours truly: Casino.mp3
    See the Epi Casino page. (162k)

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